Essay On Teamwork In Health Care

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Analysis: The incident highlighted several issues. The reflection will focus on the teamwork aspect that can affect patients’ safety. Teams are defined as two or more individuals who work together to achieve specified and shared goals, have task-specific competencies and specialized work roles, use shared resources, and communicate to coordinate and to adapt to change (Manser 2009). Teamwork and collaborative working are the most important cultural elements associated with providing high quality, safe care (Coburn 2011). Teamwork plays an important role in risk reduction and promoting safe patients care. For the importance of teamwork, it is considered one of the main elements included in the Code of Conduct in Oman’s nursing profession. …show more content…

Managing patients in critical care require multidisciplinary teamwork from all specialties to achieve optimum effective care. Sharing knowledge, experience, skills and proper communication are the basic component for effective teamwork. The essay highlighted on the impact of teamwork in health institution especially emergency department. Action plan: It is recommended to have great hospital efforts on emphasizing on the importance of teamwork in delivering patient care for safe, effective and efficient health care. Teamwork stimulation training program can motivate team members to work in smooth manner that promote positive outcome, and save time and resources. All training needs to involve staff and physicians. All team members need to know the proper way of communication with each other. Conducting lectures that highlight on the basic concepts that are needed to establish qualified teamwork is strongly recommended. The health organization should establish role and guidelines for developing teamwork according to the target patient populations. Teamwork policy and protocols should clarify the responsibilities of each team members and how to accomplish the

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