Essay On The Battle Of Canada In Ww2

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During the World War II, there has a lot of brutal, famous wars were happened. A lot of countries join the World War II, it is very chaos and every people lost their good life. Canada is a big county thus Canada play an important role in the World War II. There are many significant battles to Canadians in World War II. However, there have tree most significant battles to Canadians. The first battle is Battle of Dieppe, the second battle is Battle of Ortona, and the third battle is D-day Normandy Invasion. Canada played an important role in these three battles, and it is most significant to Canadians, and at same time these battles are important reasons that lead Allies won the World War II.

The first battle is Battle of Dieppe. In August19, …show more content…

After the failure at Dieppe, Churchill felt that the best way for the Allies to recapture Europe was through the “soft underbelly” of Europe, which is Sicily and Italy. The battle of Ortona happened in the Italy. Canadians were given the task of capturing the medieval town of Ortona on the Adriatic Sea. Apparently Canadians won the war, but the war also is brutal and bloody. Before they could reach Ortona, the Canadians had to capture several smaller villages, cross the river Moro, and fight across several kilometers of German-occupied territory. Once they reached Ortona, advance was slow and battles were often fought house by house. Which means they killed enemy in everywhere. Finally, Canada lost 6000 soldiers. It is an important mission that Canadian troops completed in WW2. Although they lose a lot of people but they won the war. It is a coast city of Italy, when they got the City, the Allies soldiers can enter Italy more easily. And supply can provide from the sea very easy to Italy. This battle was the first time that Canada uses their own division to attack Germany and no Allies help them, and they won the battle. It could increase the status of Canada in the Allies. So it also is a significant battle to Canadians in World War

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