Examples Of Canadian Contribution To World War

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The Canadian Contribution to the World Wars In the words of the great Albert Einstein, “As long as there are sovereign nations possessing great power, war is inevitable.” (International: Einstein) he mentioned the cause of war. Though war may have always been inevitable, Canada, throughout the modern history, had been striving for a stronger contribution towards the international stage to ease conflict. Even from the beginning of the First World War, they wanted a better relationship with the other nations. This was further supported by the two world wars. Canada was thrown headfirst into a war against the Triple Alliance and Axis Powers during those 10 years. Soon after various events that occurred, such as the evacuation at Dunkirk, Canada …show more content…

One such advancement was the tank in WW1 by the British. This development allowed Canadians to begin producing a much stronger weapon that allowed transportation across any form of terrain and gave the advantage to the Allied Forces since they were able to travel to many different places more efficiently, safely, and quickly. Another prime example of technological advancements that was only possible by the economic increase was the G-Suit by Wilbur R. Franks in 1941. This G-suit allowed aviators to overcome high acceleration rates in their planes. It protected them and gave a large advantage to quick fighter planes. The first practical electron microscope was created in 1939 by two Canadians which, to this day, is still an effective option to view microscopic creatures unseeable by the naked eye. All these inventions were amazing, but the Canadian government realized that to produce these advancements, they needed to overhaul the production industry. They brought the Canadian economy out of the Great Depression of the 1930s towards the brightest future of industrial production Canadians had ever seen. In late 1915, the prime minister Borden, replaced the Shell Committee with the Imperial Munitions Board to answer solely to Britain and their demands. This translated into a new opportunity for the Canadian wartime industry since Britain was constantly …show more content…

The Canadian military gave the Allied nations the ability to relieve pressure off other military positions; therefore, allowing the other nations to support their own main objectives. The industrial sector gave the Allied nations the ability to execute their commands with proper equipment. The economy increased significantly since the industrial sector was improved and ran more efficiently. Through the combined efforts of the Canadian government and the general population, Canada was active in determining the future of the economic support and development. As Veteran Affairs Canada states, “Canada had grown significantly through the ordeal of war and assumed new responsibilities as a leading member of the world community.” (Second World War) and through the wars, developed the nation to its powerful extent today. Canada’s contribution towards the Allied Victories was of a significant nature because it spent billions of dollars towards technological advancements and production as well as military support throughout the overseas and homeland defence. These contributions brought the wars to an end much quicker and saved millions of lives who were experiencing every aspect of the horrors which war

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