Essay On The Color White In The Great Gatsby

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Colors can represent hidden messages throughout a book. Just by color it can give you an insight of a person and their life. In The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald the color white is used to innocence and social class. When Gatsby was thinking about daisy he says in his head “high in a white palace the king’s daughter”(pg. 120) here the color white portrays both social class and innocence.it represents class and old money because of the Fitzgerald describes it. He says that she is in a castle which shows the fact of old money. It shows that because it describes her in a castle and castles are old and represent very rich people but shows the fact that it is old money. and it shows innocence because the castle represents protection because when you think of a castle the first thing that comes to mind is wars and how the castle protects things. The word high suggest that she was being protected from something and needs to stay protected. The meaning of the color white in this quote was to protect her innocence. While Gatsby was speeding his way to the city, he was asked to pull over by a cop for …show more content…

It not only shows innocence but it also shows the loss of innocence. It shows with the kiss that he has with daisy it shows the end of his childish ways because now he is finally with her and can be with her and he doesn’t need to put on all of these gig lavish parties because know he has what he finally wanted the whole time and that is daisy. The color white shows a big significance in the book The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald. It helps the reader understand the importance of each character and gives them a brief insight into that specific characters

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