How Does Bleaching Affect Coral Reefs

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Over the past couple years the Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of Australia has had a tremendous bleaching event which has affected the coral reefs and marine life. Around the 1990’s to present time scientists that live in the United States have travelled to the coast of Australia to find out why global warming is happening in these areas. This reef is one of the natural wonders being uniquely seen from the Earth's orbit.The rising temperatures in of the water has impacted about 1,400 miles of ecosystem including marine life and coral reefs. Along with about 1.6 million dollars to decrease the amount of reefs death. People across the whole world have been bickering about a reconstruction of these reefs because this bleaching …show more content…

The great barrier reef is dying too quickly to keep up with, ending up with not enough reconstruction time. This is going to be tough on the reconstruction efforts for many people. People all over the world come to see this amazing site and now they can not because of the terrible catastrophe that laid before. Over the course of these years the reef has been getting much more worse as temperature levels rise as well as the number of starfish. “The health and future of the Great Barrier Reef is a priority for us. Bleaching reinforces the need for us to continue working with our partners to improve the reef’s resilience to give it the best possible chance of dealing with climate change impacts,” (National Geographic). The reef has been bleaching for many years and has had little to no reinforcement or …show more content…

Due to global warming the oceans water is heating and killing the coral reefs which is affecting the marine life. Of the coast of many southern hemisphere countries corals have damaged the ecosystem and the life cycle. Over the course of 1 year the reefs have minimized in size by around 30%, so in about 5 years it might not even be here. Throughout the years of the bleaching events people have been fighting to finally get their reefs back to where they should be, but with weather they can not control it has been a little challenging. Overall, coral bleaching is a big issue that needs to be addressed because the biggest living structure in the world might yet to be

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