Death Camp In The Book Night By Elie Wiesel

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Auschwitz Concentration/Death Camp The Holocoust was a mass genocide which killed millions of people with concentration and death camps during World War II. A genocide is the mass murder of a population or group of people. The Aushwitz Camps were a group of concentration and death camps in Germany during the Holocoust in World War II.A concentration camp is a area that is guarded for prisoners to be worked hard with labor, tortured and killed. A death camp is a concentration camp but mainly to kill the prisoners. The people who could not do the work were sent straight to death camps, mainly women and the children.The Aushwitz was the biggest camp and killed the most amount of people out of all the other concentration and death camps in …show more content…

Very few people some how escaped the camps and lived life scarred for life. Others died fron all the terrible conditions and from being murdered. Some survived till it was over and lived to tell the story of there terrible conditions and what they been through during the holocoust such as Elie Wiesel. The author of "Night" a book about his experiences from the Holocoust and how he survived and seeing everyone die write in front of him. He wrote it about his life and talked about his very sad way of life during World War II. Another famous story about the Holocoust was the story of Anne Frank. She was a little jewish girl living with her family in hiding and she wrote in a diary of her life. A very dark and quiet life where she lived in a crowded attic with little food and light. She eventually got caught and got sent to the Auschwitz death camp where her, her jewish family members and hiders, sadly got killed. Eventually her father went back to the attic which they lived in, and found little Anne Franks diary. He than got her diary published as a book and it is now one of the most famous Holocoust storys in history. And to this day the attic which Anne and her family hid in, is now a museum which many people go to wonder how they lived and how terrible it

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