Essay On The Mexican Revolution

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The Mexican Revolution (1910-1920) started due to a group of people disappointed with the way Mexican President, Porfirio Díaz, was ruling (Beezly), but would later evolve into a civil war. In 1910, the Mexican people overthrew the corrupt and sclerotic dictatorship of Porfirio Díaz, who had ruled the country for decades (Kennicott). With the revolt against the government many social changes began to occur. Women had a role in started to have a level of importance in society, which was very uncommon for the time. (Macias). Additionally, people started to paint murals to illustrate this time of disagreement (Kennicott). However, the art would be interpreted in a way that was unintended, and it would lead to negative emotions for the people.…show more content…
Very quickly people were saying, “The Mexican Revolution is a revolution” (Rojo). It was much more than a bit of resentment towards the government. These people taking the initiative to change the way the country was running would play a great role in the course of history. At the most basic level, they changed the constitution of Mexico. But look closer, and discover that many more changes came out of the revolution. The way that women were viewed changed drastically after the 10 year civil war. Women gained more respect as they began to voice their opinions more freely. They became not only an important part of the revolution, but an important part of the country for years to come. However the revolution still held devastating effects. The murals created during the revolution would be at fault for the development of depression for many people. Yet putting those two things aside the bigger picture appears. Nationalism was at its peak for the country. These people believed that their leader was abusing his power, and they fought back. If they had never stepped up and argued it brings up the interesting question, would the country still be the same without the Mexican
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