Women's Problems During The Progressive Era

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The Progressive Era was a period of time, from 1890 to 1920, that people start believing that the society problem could be faded by providing a safe environment, good education and an efficient workplace. The people who wanted changes in the society were called Progressives. Most of them were well educated, journalist, they went to college. There were a lot of problems that people tried to fix them or improve them, most of them were fixed but other we are still trying to fix them. During this period there were a lot of issues and problems but there were some prominent ones, like: Women Suffrage, Temperance or Food and Health. Women Suffrage, one of the biggest problem that the women had to deal to reach the freedom that they were looking for. Carrie Catt was important in the women 's suffrage …show more content…

One of the most famous muckrakers that protested against the problems in food and health was, Upton Sinclair. He wrote a very famous book, “The Jungle”, that exposed the corruption and awful living conditions of the stockyards workers and the unclean handling of spoiled meat, and unsanitary conditions of the meat. They mixed rotten meat with raw meat and without any sanitary instrument. His book was an inspirational piece that drew public 's attention of the huge issue of unsanitary meat processing plants. When the people were complaining about the issue, T. Roosevelt, signed the Pure Food and Drug Act that prevented the manufacture, sale or transportation of misbranded or poisonous or adulterated foods, drugs, liquors and medicines, also it regulated the traffic. Roosevelt also signed the Meat Inspection Act on the same day. The Meat Inspection Act is a associate measure with the Pure Food and Drug Act that required meat to pass an inspection before being slaughtered and sold. Also prohibits companies from selling unsatisfactory

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