Turkish Youth In Germany Case Study

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Why did they immigrate to Germany?

“We asked for workers. We got people instead.” Max Fischer

Turkish people started to migrate to Germany as employees at the beginning of the 1960’s. At that time, because Germany needed employees they opened their country to Turkey after Italy, Spain, Portuguese and Greece. At first, main purpose of Turkish immigrants in Germany was work and save money and after that, turn to their hometown, but just a few of them turned back. Most of them brought their family and continued their life in Germany. In 1980’s although Turkish Government tried to provide some financial support to Turkish people in Germany in order to make get them back, they could
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So, the Turk parents in Germany have mostly authoritarian parenting style. “Authoritarian parenting is an approach to child–parent interactions wherein the parent maintains large degrees of control over the child’s life and wherein parental interactions are based on a strict hierarchy of power.”3 Because they want to control over their children they place lots of bans. Non-communication and generation conflict are active between children and parents. All of prohibitions cause disconnection between children and parents. For this reason, girls try to get married in their early ages in order to get rid of their parents. Because these marriages are not about love, on the contrary about gaining freedom in social life, lots of Turkish girls are divorced quickly. Also economic troubles may be the reason about divorces. Since most of the Turks are labour and lower class, usually it is not possible to continue the marriage with very short…show more content…
Self-esteem: Confidence in one’s own worth or abilities; self-respect.5 Current generation feels they are citizens of the Germany. On the contrary of first generation they speak German better. They are more integrated to the German system. Their constructing of self-esteem has changed and risen according to first generation. Because they know their fathers, grandfathers had worked a lot of hours and under some conditions in Germany, they use these experiences in their working life. Thus, today generation build their self-esteem more aggressively. Because I do not experience to live in Germany, I made literature search about Turks in Germany. Besides, I talked with some people live in Germany for many years and asked them about their thoughts and experiences. According to me the most important issues are religion, family, education and self. Every youth generations are in a process of changing. Even though Turk's education level is still as not good as German youths, it is increasing generation by generation. Also their constructing self-esteem has changing because of experiences and education
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