Essay On Virginia Slavery

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From the time they were brought over as early as the mid 17th century, Africans and their descendents, African Americans, have been mistreated, marginalized, disenfranchised, and discriminated against. They were put into slavery and used by the Anglo Americans for their own selfish greedy needs. Let me give you some fucking details on this garbage bois.

Slavery in the American colonies dates back as early as 1619. Not much is known about them before the mid 17th century, however during this time historians speculate that Africans were simply indentured servants, alongside the English, Scots, and Irish. There were more whites as indentured servants than blacks. This changed around the 1660s, due to a number of factors. The first major factor …show more content…

English common law had given legal status--free or enslaved--from father to child, not considering the mother's condition. In 1662, the Virginia House of Burgesses passed a law implementing the partus doctrine, which stated that "all children borne in this country shall be held bond [slave] or free only according to the condition of the mother." Since many mulatto children were already being born to white slaveholder fathers and black slave mothers, the new law increased the number of people who were legally slaves. (copied and pasted) Source: Colonial Slavery in Virginia and Maryland, …show more content…

These laws were passed from 1662-1682. These laws included slaves not being exempt from slavery, even if they had been baptized, legal killing of slaves if they disobey their master, a law regarding the apprehension of runaway slaves, and two laws preventing slave uprisings. Source: Lecture 6 slide 10.

Through these racist laws being passed, the mindset of the majority of Americans began to change.Racism towards Africans was becoming more common place. In spite of this there was an opposing opinion. Around a century later, when the founding fathers were creating the Declaration of Independence and later the Constitution, they knew that the issue of slavery had to be dealt with, but pushed it aside and let it continue as they needed the majority of the thirteen colonies to agree with their writings. This allowed slavery to grow, and with it the bigotry inside the minds of the American

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