Essay On 16 Year Olds

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As young adults in society many teenagers feel that the British society put pressure on the,’should they vote or shouldn’t they’.There are over 1.5 million 16-year-olds in the UK right now who currently can’t vote, yet over a century ago many would be working, getting married and starting a family.Thousands of women a hundred years ago were protesting through Britain just to get their voice heard.Why can’t 16-year-olds? Many people argue that 16-year-olds are not mature enough yet people with dementia and the elderly are still. However young adults today in modern Britain are so caught up with new technology that they can read and watch the news and politics everyday on their smartphones,tablets,televisions and radios and they cannot fail to miss important updates on politics. Labour MP Jim McMahon believes that the voting age should be reduced to 16 by…show more content…
If sixteen year olds could vote it might change peoples stereotype of a British voter. Also the percentage of people who vote in election in the UK is not equal to the percentage of people who live in Britain if sixteen year olds could vote this might raise the percentage of voters in Britain. In previous elections where 16-year-olds have voted they have had a higher turnout rate than 18-24-year-olds, 75% voter and 97% said that they would vote in future elections. This proves that sixteen year olds believe that they are mature enough and are willing to have their voice heard in society even if it’s just a cross in a box. In conclusion, reducing the voting age in the UK would benefit the whole country and benefit young people throughout the whole of the UK. Not only do MPs support reducing the voting age but the country also supports it. We know that many 16-year-olds are wanting to vote and are desperate to change the voting age in the United Kingdom. Why can’t we change this? And how come it has took us so long to get
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