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2. 15 Ways to Maximize Storage in Your Walk-In Closet Frequently, our closets are cluttered with a number of things we do not need in our everyday life. Even if you have a walk-in closet, it doesn’t mean that all your accessories and clothing items are neatly organized. Look through our tips that will help you maximize storage in the Walk-in closet. 1. Find a Convenient Organizer for Your Dresser Very often, belts, jewelry, hats or scarves are the main reasons of chaos in a walk-in closet. To avoid this problem, select a convenient closet system, which has separate square compartments and drawers. With this solution, you will forget about mess. 2. Each Item Should Have a Proper Home Designing your closet, think through everything. Every…show more content…
However, mostly shoes are the main reason of chaos in a walk-in closet. Order a convenient and spacious shelve, allowing you to keep all shoes there. It can be a built-in wooden unit, which has several drawers or cabinets and your shoe collection will always be in order. 9. Don’t Be Afraid to Make Some Changes Sometimes even small changes guarantee a good result in maximizing storage. Some types of dividers are the main reason of a dead space in a closet. Look at your closet room very attentively. Probably you have some shelves or drawers that are not useful and take up space. So, throw them away! 10. Use Adjustable Space Such shelves are a great solution to keep casual jeans, skirts, handbags or shoes. Besides, you can move them around. 11. Add Built-Ins In fact, if you have a desire, you can turn your bedroom into a walk-in closet. Just add floor-to-ceiling wooden built-ins. This is a great combination of cabinets, racks or drawers that will be very useful in a small room. 12. Baskets as a Traditional Storage Solution Traditionally, baskets are used to keep household items properly organized. So, if you haven’t yet bought drawers, use baskets in order to avoid chaos in a walk-in

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