Essay On Why People Smoke

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Explain why people vape or smoke

There are many reasons why people smoke and the majority of the people that smoke started before they were eighteen years old.

Peer pressure is a huge reason why teenagers start smoking. Many of their friends either smoke or have just tried cigarettes. Many teenagers think that by smoking you look cool or it makes you look older. Kids with a low self esteem might start smoking because it will get them accepted in the cool crowd. Some kids might like the thrill of trying it because you have to be a certain age to buy them and they are under that age. Twenty years ago you could buy cigarettes without getting carded and you could go in any store and they were on the shelfs so anybody could grab them. Parents
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Most of the advertisements were purposely made to misinform the consumers. Although twenty years ago they didn’t have all the information on health risks that they have today, they still left out information that would deter consumers from buying their product. Camel cigarettes had a commercial with a cartoon camel named Joe. Commercials giving impressions that smoking is a sociolable thing where you can make new friends. If you are on a smoke break at work and you ask someone if they have a lighter that might start a conversation.They always have the best looking men and women in the commercials making it seem that if you smoke you will dress in the clothes they have on or have the same hairstyle they have. The company’s usually put billboards up in low income neighborhoods trying to appeal to them because a huge percent of smokers are low income. They had advertisements in every magazine, tv guide, newspaper, and almost every program on television had a cigarette commercial during their broadcast on television. They also tried to market to people with mental diseases by putting billboards right outside the mental hospitals. They tried to appeal to the consumers by giving away free gifts with points from each pack of cigarette you bought. Marlboro had miles on every pack of cigarette and you could turn them in for things such as towels,coolers,lighters,shirts,sleeping bags.

Addiction to nicotine is another

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