Victorian Women's Role In The 21st Century

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VT1700633 Victorian Women Jayd Paik

Women have evolved from being treated as property to being CEO of companies and having control of what they get to say or do or even think. Before women had rights they were owned by their husbands and were taught to do all the house work, including taking care of her husband first then the children. He could have as many mistresses as he wanted, yet if she even dared to look at another man he would beat her in front of whoever. The Victorian Era was a harsh time for women because of the way they were treated. In this essay I covering the abuse they took as wives, sisters, daughters, and workers, the roles they played back then verses the roles they play now, and how my vocation of choice would be different
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The role they were groom to do at a very young age was to be the perfect wife and mother, learning proper manners and how to be submissive and meek. The roles that the women in the 21st century were playing are those of what morals their parents place in them, don’t let a man control you, you are your own woman and so on. The differences are that the women of yesterday were taught that because they are women they don’t do what men do and that they are the weaker sex even though women give birth, clean the house and take care of everyone. The women of today can do whatever they want if they put their mind to it because we have learned that men and women are the equal, that a woman can be a CEO and/or work in a male dominated trade skill that requires manual labor, long hours, and getting dirty. Thanks to all the women suffrages who fought for our right to do whatever we want; we can vote, sue, divorce, adopted, have abortions, and even drive…show more content…
The women in the Victorian era could not possibly do it unless they are lower class, the women who were single or who were unable to get married were skilled labors, more females would work than males. The way the women were groomed they would not be able to work in my field because it’s not considered feminine, females are too weak in the eyes of males, and they wouldn’t have time to take care of the house including the children, the husband, and the chores. For me working in a trade that is very male dominated, it is very hard to not get judged because people still kind of think in the old way were the male would work and the female would stay home, only I don’t do housewife I do construction that makes me feel empowered. The women of yesterday were shacked down by the man and forced into this mold that caused an uproar with other women who believe we are strong without men and that we can do whatever we
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