The Garden Party Analysis

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(An analysis essay for the short story: “The Garden Party”)

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This essay is an analysis of the short story “The Garden Party,” which is written by Katherine Mansfield (1888-1923). The story (1922) is in fact a pointed social satire, which is designed to renounce the Victorian socio-moral values that were predominant in Britain for the most part of the nineteenth century.
The story’s author focuses on the customary false teaching because of a girl named Laura, who is the child of the upper class for, in order to explore, and social values and ethical Victorian women who kept back by the impact on their way …show more content…

" The party has completely gone. Everyone gathers in the marquee. While eating a sandwich, Mr. Sheridan speaks of “a brutal accident," adding that the victim “leaves a wife and a half-dozen of the kiddies.” See all the remnants of food sandwiches, cream puffs and cakes - Mrs Laura Sheridan proposes to send down to the family.
• The Protagonist’s Position in “The Garden Party”
Work of fiction in this story focuses primarily on Laura. One of the four members of the Sheridan family, and as is the case with all the other incidents that make up the work, and a garden party assumes importance only in relation to Laura. Laura is having more prevailed in the “garden party.” She characterized the central character and narrator and inverter, two centrally awareness, as Mansfield constantly “go in character and out of her mind’s” (McRae 0.2000, p. VIII) and represents the objective external world in a way that appears in your personal world and for Laura.
• The education of Victorian Women with Reference to the

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