Ethical Issues In Nursing Care

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D-The patient arrived on time for her session and informed this writer that she has decided to remain with the clinic as she learned on her own that no detox facility will accept her because she is testing negative and currently on methadone. The patient further mentioned that she is questioning as to whether or not her sister and her mother would help her as they said they would; however, the patient had a moment and looked back when her family did not help her as she struggled with her children. Furthermore, the patient reports, her sister did not give her the $80.00 for her rent. The patient reports that she had asked some guy for assistance. This writer addressed with the patient about her employment status and money management. The patient …show more content…

Furthermore, this writer asked this writer to contact DCF Supervisor Collen to update her on the patient progress, at which this agreed. This writer was able to talk to Supervisor Collen to update her on the patient 's progress and asked will this hindered the patient 's case as a patient at a methadone clinic and the Supervisor reponse was, " No. Everything you shared will take in consideration. What 's hindering the reunification is Marie hair fociles results, which can go back 9 months as she tested positive for heroin. In addition, there 's concerns as to how the patient is taking her medication and the changes of mental health providers. I feel that the mother needs to be consistent with her mental health services and work with us as we are not working against her. One positive thing I can share is that Marie is motivated to get her children back." The Supervisor then provided this writer the patient new DCF worker contact information: Maribel Santos @860-418-8239. This writer thanks the Supervisor for her input about the patient 's case. This writer then relayed the information to the patient, at which the patient was upset. The patient reports that she hasn 't changed mental health providers frequently; she only changed due to the commute. This writer strongly advised the patient to work with DCF pertaining to her case and gather her information regarding to her mental health services to show that she is in compliance with treatment as it would be beneficial for her case. This writer provided encouragement to the patient as a mother and continuing to stay motivated on her fight for

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