Ethical Use Of The Internet In The Workplace Essay

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About two-thirds of companies monitor the usage of their employees on the Internet, so if you adopt this system, they will be in good company. Truly, it may be useful to use an Internet monitor to see which URLs employers' team members or freelancers are opening; For example, if they spend most of their time browsing online sales sites, employer can be reasonably certain that they are not doing their job. With an application like Hub staff, you can link tasks or employee projects to their Internet time, which gives you a much better sense of what someone is doing online. Some employers monitor the use of the Internet in the workplace to protect their businesses from legal problems that may arise if employees use the …show more content…

Also this brings up many ethical questions and issues. In business contexts as well as in other areas, ethical principles supply guidelines on analyzing specific ethical issues. Mainly five ethical principles are applied within various professions. Respecting autonomy, doing no harm (nonmaleficence), benefiting others (beneficence), being just (justice) and being faithful (fidelity) are them. Respecting autonomy means the right of an individual to act as a free agent as long as their decisions do not negatively impact the lives of the others. The right to engage I any purpose by not harming others is meant by nonmaleficence. Promoting others well-being by our activities is expected by beneficence. This is relevant to both the employer and employees. In workplaces, justice or being fair is important and expected from all the people occupied with the system. Autonomy is limited by failure to remain to faithful in the workplace. These principles provide a framework on giving solutions for commonly facing ethical issues in professional …show more content…

It is true that employers have the ability to inspect all the mails and the contents of them even though they are private matters. Emails can be monitored even after they have been deleted. Employees are free to use company properties for urgent private issues. But monitoring emails is vital to employers avoid employees from using workplace stuff too much for private issues and wasting time for such things. Interactions between the customers and the staff should be a good one to increase the productivity of a company. According to employees, monitoring is considered as a matter carried by employers due to the lack of trust and faith against employees. But in the point of view of employers, monitoring is vital to protect them and the business secrets within the employer-employee

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