Importance Of Epidemiology

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Epidemiology is to study disease and other health events in the public. A society’s public health, prevention of disease, and healthy life style choices are the corner stones of the epidemiology field. As is with everything, ethics are devised to help ensure the best interest of each community during studies of this field. Studies whether observational or descriptive studies or surveillance to aid in progression of public health need to be done safely and goal oriented so that each study abides ethical responsibility. Some of the ethics to be considered, but not limited to are core values, confidentiality, and respect.
Core values were expressed in each required reading. One main goal of research among epidemiologist is to improve the public’s
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A breach of confidentiality could be detrimental to a person financially and socially. When concerning epidemiology this risk is exponential dealing with entire communities. A community must have trust with the health care field, so that they know the most current recommendations do not have ulterior motives. Maintaining confidentiality is done in many ways. When using information for studies there are ways to have information presented within the study to protect individual’s confidentiality. Information within a study can be linked, which is to pair information about participants such as age, diagnosis, sex, geographic location, etc. Information can also be unlinked, which is that information is still present in the study, but not paired to an individual. It is also imperative to ensure you have consent for any activities. Consent is not merely getting a, “green light,” to proceed. Informed consent includes insuring all parties involved have information regarding what will be happening, shows understanding of that information, and then finally consent is given. By maintaining confidentiality and obtaining consent the public can build a trusting relationship with this area of…show more content…
It is the same for society and the field of epidemiology. By maintaining trust built with the public, studies can be conducted with little interference. Trust is often given to health care providers because the public knows the intentions of health care is to do no harm. This is one reason many people have come to trust health care providers. The epidemiologist also has to show respect for people and their rights. People have the right to their autonomy, as well as any protection for people with impaired or diminished autonomy. With this in mind, people in the field of epidemiology can be held to the standard of integrity, keeping them honest and held accountable. It is accountability that can ensure when details of an observation require medical treatment, the staff of the study will inform the participant so they can get the appropriate medical care. This level of respect between the public and epidemiology is essential.
In order to help the public and ensure they have the most current evidence based medical advice and knowledge of health events, the public and health care field must have a solid base relationship. This is achieved by epidemiologist by adhering to ethical standards without deviation. If the public doesn’t feel safe and respected, why would any community participate with studies or observations. It is because of society and communities that we can determine best health practices and provide
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