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Etta James was a well known American singer that sang many genres. She sang gospel, blues, R&B, rock and roll, soul and even jazz. James went through a lot and overcame even more things to get to where she was. She started her career at a very young age and then everything began building by itself. James earned everything she had, and made decisions that changed her whole life. Now she is well known and still considered one of the most dynamic singers in music. James started singing in a church choir, then began singing on the radio and that’s where she became popular. She moved to San francisco and then and had a better chance of having a career because she met bandleader “Otis”. James career than really began to come to her in 1954 and began to soar in 1960 when she signed with Chess Records. James overcame a lot to get where she was. James went solo, moved, and even change multiple different companies just to stand out of her group. She won a grammy for her album “1973 Eponymous”. Etta James was overweight which made her self esteem low to be …show more content…

Her life was coming to an end but she kept fighting. Then later in her life she was hospitalized. 2010 was the year she went underground. She was hospitalized because of a blood infection and also because of ailments. She was diagnosed with dementia but received treatment for leukemia. Once again she was taken advantage of because she could not defend for herself, but her son took care of it and she still fought for her career. She then was in her final stages of leukemia. She then died of Alzheirmer’s disease on January 20, 2012. Etta james was considered as one of the dynamic singers and is still well known today. She produced many hits and many albums to make it the top. She won many grammies and went through a lot to make it to the top. James succeeded with her career and is very loved as for what she

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