Eudora Welty's Autobiography Analysis

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This autobiography recalls Eudora Welty’s early experiences of reading in her childhood. She wrote about, how books had a great impact on her becoming a writer. The prevalent theme throughout her autobiography is her family history, as it's explained through various anecdotes, and through the intensity of her experiences. This autobiography obtains many flashbacks to her childhood, and the mood, she wanted to portray.
Throughout her autobiography, Welty uses anecdotes to demonstrate how books had an absolute impact on her path to become a writer. This anecdote from One Writer’s Beginnings says, “She took me in to introduce me… “Eudora is nine years old and has my permission to read any book she wants from the shelves, children or adult,” (Welty). Eudora included anecdotes from her past because it was the beginning of what shaped her to become a talented writer she was. Another anecdote by Eudora Welty is, “I remember her picking up The Man in Lower Ten while my hair got dry enough to unroll from a load of kid curlers trying to make me like my idol, Mary Pickford.” Eudora incorporated this story as a way of her saying that her real idol is her mother because she could off read books and would do something else at the same time. …show more content…

According to the autobiography ‘One Writer’s Beginnings’, “So two by two, I read library books as fast as I could go, rushing them home in the basket of my bicycle. From the minute I reached our house, I started to read” (Welty). This shows how Eudora had always been in the library, she became a writer because she had a passion for reading nonstop. “I knew this was a bliss, knew it at the time… I wanted to read immediately. The only fear was that of books coming to an end”. Eudora feared she wouldn’t have time to read all the books, the mood portrays the passion and love she had for

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