Every Little Thing: The Beatles Story

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Every Little Thing
Before the Beatles achieved the amount of success that they did, many steps were taken down a long and winding road, but they were not walking down that road alone. With a little from their friends, the Beatles went from being a group that performed at clubs to being a group that released music for millions of fans to enjoy. Although The Beatles’ story may be a long, long, long one, like all stories, theirs has a beginning, middle, and an end. As a teenager, John Lennon formed a skiffle group with his school friends called the Quarrymen (Eder). One of the members, Ivan Vaughan, had been a friend of Lennon’s since the two were children, but he had attended a different school than Lennon. While Lennon was attending the Quarry …show more content…

One day in November 1961, Epstein made his way to the Cavern Club to watch the Beatles perform (Beschloss). According to Epstein, “I immediately liked what I heard. They [The Beatles] were fresh and they were honest, and they had what I thought was a sort of presence and . . . star quality” (Miles 85). After weeks of watching them perform, Epstein offered to become their manager, and on January 24, 1962, the Beatles signed a management contract with the record shop owner (Miles 88). Epstein immediately started searching for someone who would give the Beatles a recording contract. Naturally, there were many rejections, but Epstein’s efforts eventually paid off when George Martin, producer and the head of Parlophone Records at the time, offered the Beatles a contract without ever having seen them play (Miles 90). Martin first got to see the Beatles play when they came in on June 6, 1962 for an audition (Gaar). The group performed a variety of songs; like Epstein, Martin was pleased with what the Beatles had to offer, so he signed the contract and that was …show more content…

McCartney had stated that the group chose to disband because of personal differences, business differences, and musical differences (Swanson). Naturally, fans had negative reactions when hearing of the Beatle breakup, but they took comfort in knowing that they could listen to the band’s albums and songs whenever they wanted

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