Evidence Based Practice In Foster Care Essay

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The Impacts of Evidence-Based Practice on Service Provision for Children Placed in Foster Care Children in the United States who have been abused or neglected by their parents or caregivers are commonly put into the foster care system, a system designed, at its best, to provide a safe alternative to the child’s home while legal decisions or made or during attempts at family reunification. In many cases, children in the foster care system have come from homes in which child abuse and neglect are prevalent and may have experienced significant adverse events, including substance abuse, childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence, and physical violence. Unfortunately, the foster care system is an imperfect arrangement. It is not uncommon for children who are put into this system to experience additional adverse events while living outside of the abusive or neglectful homes. Children placed in foster care often experience things that have a lasting impact on their psychological and social functioning. Subsequently, children in foster care are much more likely to experience adverse events, participate in criminality, experience abuse in relationships, and become abusers than those children who are raised by at least one of their parents. From a social work perspective, it is essential to …show more content…

The overarching cultural view is one of paternalism, based on the belief that a government system of child protect is necessary in order to ensure the safety of children not able to be cared for within their own homes. The foster care system started as one designed to address the needs of homeless children and those living on the streets, but quickly became a method of addressing the needs of children unable to be placed through

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