Examine The Causes Of Hate Crime

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It is moderately difficult to examine what causes each and every individual to commit hate crimes, nevertheless, theoretical perspectives present various understandings as to why hate crimes may perhaps have been committed. The concept of Jihad has an impact and developed hate amongst the current society as a consequence. Perry (2001) proposes that it is hard to assemble and comprehend the definition of the term hate crime. Crime is socially built and implies diverse things to various individuals and distinctive things at different times and what constitutes a crime in one region may not in another. Perry (2001) suggests that crime is “relative and historically and …show more content…

(Perry.B, 2003, P.3) characterises hate crime as a method of power anticipated to maintain somewhat unstable hierarchies “through violence and threats of violence (verbal or physical)” moreover, it is commonly coordinated towards those who ‘society has traditionally stigmatized and marginalized.” However, in the UK it is recognized that hate crime is not merely encouraged by hate, but can be ordered as crimes that are besieged at an individual because of resentment or ‘prejudice towards that person disability, race or ethnicity, religions or belief, or sexual orientation/transgender identity’ (Awan.I, 2006, P.7). (Ameli.R.S, et al, 2011) report advocates hate crime impacts an extensive threat to society. Hate crime affects well-built groups of the populace than common crimes and has the capacity to create social division and community conflict and exhibits potential genuine security and public order issues. Hate crime receives growing media awareness following immense incidents such as; Jihad 9/11. Jihad 9/11,

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