Example Of Rhetorical Analysis In Advertising

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As people living in the 21st century, we see advertisements everywhere whether it be scrolling through Facebook on a phone, listening to music on the radio, or watching funny cat videos on YouTube. There are no escaping advertisements. It’s said that throughout a person daily life they see over 400+ ads a day. Most people tune them out while living their lives, but once in while they come across an advertisement catches our full attention causing us to stop what we are doing and watch/listen to the advertisements. Not many advisements are well made that they catch all our attention. The differentiating factor between an OK advertisement and an attention-grabbing advertisement is how effectively an advertiser uses the elements of the rhetorical …show more content…

The first example in the advertisement that used pathos was the predominance of black and white color which immediately sets the tone of the advertisement that the video is serious, deep and meaningful as if it’s asking the viewer to reflect on the contents of the video. Another example of pathos used in the video was how in the beginning of the clip it showed the speakers, Wil.I.am and Scarlet Johansson with an extremely somber facial expression and stare right into the camera as if they were looking directly at the viewer and look away. Therefore, fully capturing the viewers’ attention. A final example of how pathos was used in the advertisement as when President Obama was presenting his ”Yes. We can” speech in the advertisement he highlighted the urgency and importance of this election to the American people. Also, he had complete confidence that the American people would put aside their differences and be able to pull through to the problems the United States was facing. These factors in the advertisement communicated pathos to the

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