Protective Factor Child Development

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Different factors affect how a person may develop, which may be determined by the environment, economic state, and people one lives with among other factors. There are certain characteristics prevalent at the family, cultural, community, psychological or biological level that negatively contribute to a person’s development (Seal & Harris, 2016). These factors are referred to as risks factors. On the other hand, there are certain characteristics that nullify or lower the negative contribution or influence of the risk factors (Seal & Harris, 2016). These factors are referred to as protective factors, which are the positive countering occurrences. This paper is a development example essay that presents a real life example of a risk factor, protective factor and protective mechanism that might impact on a person’s development. …show more content…

We have been friends with Paul since he relocated to my neighborhood together with his family. Paul had been living in Baltimore, Maryland since the age of eight until he was thirteen years old. Baltimore is a community that is known for its severe community violence and drug trafficking, until his parents found a way out and relocated to a safer, drug and crime free community. In Paul’s case the risk factor was community violence and drug trafficking, which had negative impacts on his development as a

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