Examples Of Dehumanization In Brave New World

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Amanda Risch
Mrs. Brown
CP American Literature 11
15 March 2018
Brave New World: “If the government is big enough to give you everything you want, it is big enough to take away everything you have.” (Gerald R. Ford.) These words written by United States President, Gerald Rudolph Ford Jr., communicate with the people of the United States.
Granted that the government has an excessive amount of power, there has to be a limit somewhere down the line. Many people disagree with what the government has to offer and what they stand for. Not only is the government strongly disliked in the real world but also in fictional novels such as Brave New World. Brave New World, an utopian novel that takes place in London, has a community that has been industrialized. There are only a couple of people that are at the top of the World Sate, meaning they have the power to control others. A system that has the ability to create human beings is introduced, which is the start of a dehumanized life. A character by the name of Bernard meets the son of the director who controls this world. Just as everything seems normal, people begin to rebel and start causing harm to others or themselves. What pushes someone to the point where they begin to rebel against their own community? In Brave New World, Aldous Huxley argues that the dangers of state control include dehumanization from the government, a loss of dignity and a lack of happiness. Huxley shows the causes of dehumanization and now that it can

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