Examples Of Discrimination In Remember The Titans

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1.) Analyze and compare some common minority group responses to prejudice and discrimination. In most cases, the common minority group responses to prejudice include avoidance, deviance, defiance, and acceptance. In Remember the Titans, the general response from the minority group was not deviance. There were however, examples of all other minority group responses. The movie takes place in Alexandria, Virginia, which was still highly segregated during the time period of the film. Even though the high school is in the process of integrating, avoidance is obvious from the beginning of the film. When the players are asked to get on the bus, they immediately separate into black and white. It is clear that the minority group is accustomed to avoiding the general discrimination by sticking with their own race. Deviance is another common …show more content…

Legislative controls were actually being reduced in Alexandria in 1971 during the period of integration. However, both spatial and social segregation are still common in the city. Spatial segregation is noticeable in the residential patterns of the city. When Coach Boone’s family move to their new house, it is obvious that he has moved into a white neighborhood. Social segregation is evident throughout the entire movie, especially in the relationship between the high school students. With the exception of the team members, the students only associate with their own group. Additionally, much of the community is still xenophobic. A brick was thrown through Coach Boone’s window, as an irrational action due to fear of the minority group. This action could also be considered a hate crime. Although exploitation is not a recurring them in the film, Coach Boone is put on display as head coach of the team. This is a form of exploitation by a member of his own minority group as a pawn to advance

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