Examples Of Femininity Representation In Advertising

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How Femininity is Represented in Contemporary Advertising

In this piece of work, I aim to address and analyse how femininity is represented in contemporary advertising. By doing that I must deal with representation. Representation involves standing for or symbolising something. Hall states that ‘It does involve the use of language, of signs and images which stand for or represent things.’ (1997, p.15). It is a form of communication that can portray an aspect of reality through a medium.

Representation can be segmented and categorised into three basic theories: Reflective, intentional and constructive. Reflective representation is apparent when the language or imagery used reflect a meaning that already exists. Intentional representation is when the author or creator of the piece intends it to represent definite ideas. Lastly, and most commonly used in communicating to a mass audience is constructive which involves discursive and semiotic methods. Discourse and semiotics are used in mass communications to produce knowledge and create meaning to and with signs respectively. These are used to good effect in advertising to represent and create meanings of femininity.

The meanings advertisements use and construct have an impact on culture and how we perceive things. Sut Jhally stated that advertising displays a preoccupation with gender like no other. Much of our understanding of femininity comes from advertising. Cultural perception of what it is to be feminine alters and

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