Examples Of Gender Inequalities

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Boundaries It is really hard to ignore the facts about gender inequalities, especially if you are from a Muslim country like me. I am from Turkey, one of the most modern Muslim country in the world as they say, but if it is so modern, why I felt gender inequalities as much? To start my essay, I would like to give a little bit of background of myself. I am from Istanbul. My mother’s side is religious and my father’s side does not believe in God (atheist). A young woman in my country has limits, has boundaries. I am really thankful to my parents because they never draw boundaries to my decisions, society did. Firstly, gender inequalities are a huge problem in a country like mine. Women at 30 have to get marry as quick as possible, otherwise she will put in a social pressure. Her neighbors would gossip about her. Not only her neighbors, but even by her friends. She has to have kids, because if not people will assume that something is wrong with her. She can get a job or stay at home if she wants, but she has to have a family of her own, for sure. It is not up to her decisions. I unfortunately had witnessed about it from many of my friends’ families. I am thankful that my family is not putting me under pressure about it, but society does, I think. Even today as I am 20 years old, my mother’s friends are asking me if I have a serious relationship or would I marry someone not from Turkey. Of course, I refuse to answer, but not every girl is as lucky as me. On guy’s point of

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