Gender Inequalities In My Country

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Boundaries It is really hard to ignore the facts about gender inequalities, especially if you are from a Muslim country like me. I am from Turkey, one of the most modern Muslim country in the world as they say, but if it is so modern, why I felt gender inequalities as much? To start my essay, I would like to give a little bit of background of myself. I am from Istanbul. My mother’s side is religious and my father’s side does not believe in God (atheist). A young woman in my country has limits, has boundaries. I am really thankful to my parents because they never draw boundaries to my decisions, society did. Firstly, gender inequalities are a huge problem in a country like mine. Women at 30 have to get marry as quick as possible, otherwise…show more content…
They should cook and they should take care of their kids. Even if they are going to a job, at night they are the person to cook for their husband. They have to cook, clean, and take care of their kids without sharing the responsibilities. That’s why most of the women in my country is not working. For instance, one day I was sitting and watching TV and suddenly I started to get furious of the guy who was on TV. He exactly quoted that, “ When a woman is pregnant, it is a misbehave for her to go outside at all. If she wants to go out, she can go out with her husband’s car .(which also means she can’t get a car to herself and drive by herself) It is not even aesthetic for her to go out after 6 months. (which means a woman should always be slim and look after her weight because it is not “aesthetic” to have a round belly)” This was said by a well educated advocate on the oldest national TV. (Omer Tugrul Inancer on TRT) Imagine now saying this on a national TV in America. It is impossible, right? Even if someone did, the government would punish him. Sadly, Inancer was only criticized by the educated part of Turkey. The rest, find him right and applaud him to “ be brave enough to say the truth”. It was a really controversial topic that brought up to many talk shows. Although, is it? Do women have to be treated like a piece of furniture and left home just because they are pregnant. Well, this example gave enough reasons…show more content…
It proves that Turkey has patriarchy. Women belong to men like they are a thing. It is really wrong and not acceptable. We are created equal and we need to be treated equal. There are thousands of more examples that I could give. It is really hard to believe that one day, we will be equal and everyone will be treated fairly, but until than let’s just hope for that. There are so many challenges that women have to go through in a Muslim country. I don’t even consider myself going through half of these challenges, when a girl in Egypt has no choice to go to school and have education. We have to help each other to get out of this swamp. It is not only women who has to look rights for them, but also men. We all should demand equality to have a better place to

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