Examples Of Racism In Little Rock Nine

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The racism in Little Rock Nine had a significant resemblance to the one in Montgomery. In both cases, the blacks were being oppressed. The blacks in the Little Rock nine were expected by their white counterparts to study in their school. The case was no different in Montgomery where the blacks could not seat at specific seats reserved for the whites. The Jim Crow regime underrated the blacks whereby they were seen as second-class citizens both in Little Rock Nine and Montgomery. The laws were about segregation; the blacks should consume their products which must be inferior to those consumed by the whites. For instance, in Montgomery, they could only attend inferior schools, drink water from specified areas and borrow books from specific …show more content…

Rosa Parks, as well as Carlotta, were members of the organization. They also headed the organization for some time. Rosa Parks was its Secretary in 1943 (History, part. 6). Unfair judgment passed on the blacks was evident in both cases. The father of Carlotta and her friend were arrested on false suspicion. On the other hand, Parks was found guilty of disobeying the laws of segregation, yet the requirements only claimed to surrender seats in the first coach not places in the black's coach. The court also ruled that the riots were unconstitutional yet the whites had mistreated a black person. They favored the white instead of using justice. Though for various reasons, the homes of the activists were bombed in the two phenomena. The bombing of Carlotta's house coincided with the bombing of King's and Nixon's home. The journey of Activism was inevitable in both cases. Change of locality could not deter the activists from forming organizations which helped the oppressed in the society. Coercion from family members against dangers of activism was also not enough. Rosa was advised by her husband while Carlotta's parents dared not involve themselves in …show more content…

For example, it is clear that the media was much divided in the Little Rock Nine (LRN) case. Carlotta could only listen to the black news. This shows that some broadcasting stations had allied themselves to one side. On the contrary, some of them may be in fear of being termed radical and opted to deliver only the news which favored the whites. However, the role of media was absent during the Montgomery riots. The media failed to provide a report to the public about the incidence. The LRN society had dreams of one day the blacks would be liberated. There exist integrated schools where blacks and whites would study together. The schools were created through a directive by the US Supreme court. After that there was creation of integrated schools since segregation had been abolished. Nevertheless, in Montgomery, the schools were different for Black-Americans and Americans. Therefore, the courts were more just in LRN scenario than in Montgomery. Violence helped the blacks of Montgomery make their demands known. They organized massive riots and boycotted boarding the Municipal buses until the courts were forced to declare the rules of segregation. The tools used in gaining justice were different. The NAACP fought for integrated schools in LRN case peacefully. They used reports from the black children enlisted to the schools on the schools' conditions. When the schools were allegedly closed due to

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