Examples Of Realism In Red Kayak

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“I can’t help it; I keep asking myself, what if this? What if that? And then in my mind I see that red kayak…” In Red Kayak, a 3 year old child named Ben DiAngelo dies while going out on a kayak. Later on in the novel, the main character Brady realizes that it could possibly be his and his friends’ faults. After dealing with all the guilt of the incident, he decided to turn them. Realistic fiction is a genre that refers to stories that could possibly happen. The elements needed to be realistic fiction are, credible events s, authentic characters, real settings, true- to- life themes, and believable dialogue. The novel Red Kayak is considered realistic fiction because it has credible events, true- to- life themes, and authentic characters.

One reason Red kayak is a good example of realistic fiction is because the novel has examples of credible events. One credible event is when J.T. and Digger were arrested for 2nd degree murder. In the novel on page 204, the author writes, “She committed J.T. and Digger to the custody of Juvenile services- to nine months in a forestry camp for Juvenile offenders out it western Maryland.” This evidence supports the topic of Red Kayak having credible events because being arrested and faced with criminal charges can happen to any 13 year old. In summary, Digger and J.T. getting arrested supports …show more content…

A true-to-life themes that the novel has is to not live in the past and to keep looking/ moving forward. On page 4, Brady’s father says, “You be lookin’ backward all the time, Brady, you’re gonna have one heck of a crook in the neck.” This supports the topic because this quote is saying how Brady cannot get over the kayak incident. Most people that go through a traumatic event like this cannot get over it or move on easily. In conclusion, Red kayak is a realistic fiction novel because it has this example of true-to-life

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