Animorphisism In Watership Down

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The genre of the novel Watership Down is fantasy literature. Watership Down is a world where Rabbits can communicate with one another (with their own language style), think, and survive with reason and trickery. This is known as animorphisism, where animals have human qualities. Qualities that would make up an interesting fantasy novel to read would be to have an intriguing plot, descriptive settings and events occurring, theme, tone, and amusing and alluring characters. For plot, I read that the story should have a couple of twists and surprising developments every now and then. The plot would also have to involve situations that are not possible in our real world, and in general, the plot needs to grab the reader’s attention and keep it that way throughout the novel. …show more content…

This also goes for any event occurring in the story. Theme is self-explanatory, every novel needs some sort of reason to it. The tone has to fit into what the reader is reading. The author wants to get the reader the feeling that whatever is happening in the story is probable in reality. Fantasy has to make the reader believe that anything could happen in reality.One of Fantasy Book Review’s users wrote an uplifting review on Watership down. The user is called “Floresiensis”. Floresiensis stated that this novel was “captivating” and he/she has loved the book ever since they first read it. Floresiensis clearly enjoyed this whole story, and so have others. The author included review quotes from major reviewing sites. Most of what the reviews say is how thrilling and intense Adams’ novel

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