Ned Vizzini's Kind Of A Funny Story

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Plot Formation plays a significant role in literature. Using real life experiences is a fantastic way to develop and expand within a topic. Ned Vizzini's novel, It's Kind Of A Funny Story, is a perfect example being that it is based around his struggles with depression.
Ned Vizzini's It's Kind Of A Funny Story is a classic example of when an author uses their personal experiences to create an intriguing plot line. Vizzini used his childhood, teenage, and early adult life to help shape the main character called Craig. Vizzini himself struggled with depression and had troubles finding his place in school and he used his teenage years to help develop the plot for his book. Vizzini had once admitted in an interview that almost eighty-five percent on his book was based on his true story. "Life is a nightmare," he quoted his character Craig exclaiming (Vizzini 12). Craig, who was based off of Vizzini, goes through the same struggles with depression throughout the book.
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Grover provided the world with some great tips when she created a blogpost title 6 Tips for Writing Fiction Based on True Events. She begins with telling her readers to always start with the truth. "Truth is stranger than fiction, so there is certainly much to mine," she writes on her blog (Grover 1). She mentions that it is always necessary to get permission for the characters you will be using if you are basing them on real people. Now that you have started your draft, it's time to take a pause. "Once the story is caught in your net, as a writer you have an opportunity to now ask: how could it be made better?" (1). While writing your novel, you'll want to let go. Silence the voice that is telling you that this story is wrong and let your memories run wild. Grover reminds us that facts can feel fake, and it's okay to leave some out. In the end, it with all come

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