Clot Conflicts In Charlotte's Suitcase

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Every story whether it is a fiction or non-fiction story, has a plot. The plot refers to the actions, activities, events, or stages of being that the literary work or story depicts. One of the most important parts of any plot are the various plot conflicts found throughout the story. A plot conflict refers to ways in which characters in a story interact with each other. There are four basic types of plot conflict which include character vs character, character vs natural world, character vs the social world, and character vs themselves. Like many other stories many of the characters from both Charlotte’s Web and Hana’s Suitcase must face various plot conflicts throughout each these stories. One of the main characters from the story Charlotte’s Web is a …show more content…

The webs that Charlotte is able to create amazes Mr. Zukerman who believes that they are a miracle and he even begins to believe that Wilbur is no ordinary pig. Charlotte passes on this good news to the rest of the farm yard animals who have also begun to take part in the plan by helping Charlotte to come up with new words that will impress Mr. Zukerman. Charlotte tells the other animals “The message I wrote in my web, praising Wilbur, has been received. The Zukerman’s have fallen for it, and so has everybody else. Zukerman thinks Wilbur is an unusual pig, and therefore he won’t want to kill and eat him. I dare say my trick will work and Wilbur’s life can be saved” (White 87). Eventually Charlotte’s plan causes Wilbur to win a prize at the great country fair and as result Wilbur becomes very important to Mr. Zukerman which ultimately saves Wilbur’s life. This final outcome ends the conflict between Charlotte and Mr. Zukerman. Although the story of Hana’s Suitcase is a work of non-fiction unlike Charlotte’s web, the characters of Hana’s suitcase also face several different types of conflicts throughout the

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