Examples Of Realism In Red Kayik

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Red Kayak is a really good realistic fiction.”There been a death it drives a family apart instead of together.”Red Kayak about how 3 best friends go through a big terrible event.Realistic fiction is a story that is not true but could happen in real life.Red Kayak is an example of realistic fiction because it has character like normal kids and themes that happen in real life.

This reason red Kayak is a good example of realistic fiction they have authentic characters.There are authentic characters like Brady.Brady shows how he changes from start to end.On page 173 would farther ever forgives me for my role in it.Brady is saying how he feels and how he is doing.In summary Brady situation is a authentic characters because many people go through the same thing and his feelings. …show more content…

A third reason Red Kayak is a good realistic fiction because of real settings.when brady was outside he describes what the day was like outside.On page 167 heavy gray clouds obscured the sunrise.The weather is a real setting because the weather is in real life.In summary the weather can show how real settings is show and how you can picture it. This is how Red Kayak is a really good realistic fiction.This is one how it is realistic fiction “would my father ever forgive me for what I did .” Now you can see how kids can have problems that happen in real life.This is how Red Kayak is one of the best realistic fiction book.There been a death it drives a family apart instead of

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