Examples Of Revenge In Frankenstein

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Can revenge of any sorts every truly be justified? Before that can be answered, what is considered revenge? The dictionary defines revenge as the action of inflicting hurt or harm on someone for an injury or wrong suffered at their hands. The bible sees revenge as “eye for eye, tooth for tooth.” Revenge has a different meaning to everyone. It all depends on the person's perspective and background. In Frankenstein the creature seeks revenge on Victor, by killing everyone close to him. This is too far of revenge and can’t be justified. However, revenge if equal can be justified and can serve a purpose to a person who was wronged. The Revenge that the creature gets on Victor in Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein is not justifiable, but revenge can be justified if it is …show more content…

People always try to find a way to argue that revenge is not justified. It is easy for people to understand that someone can go overboard with revenge. For example, someone might kill another person to avenge his son's murder. They see this and say that all revenge is bad and can never be justified because now more people are dead. Examples like this persuade people that revenge is not justified. However, sometimes you have to put yourself in a victim's shoes. If that was your kid, wouldn’t you want to get revenge on the murderer. Your whole view of revenge would probably change. It is easy for someone to say revenge is bad when they have never felt the need for revenge. Most people would seek revenge on someone if something bad happened to them. It is a part of human nature, we can’t control it. So, revenge is a part of everyone and will happen. It just has to be reasonable to get any justification. I’m not saying it is ok to go kill someone for revenge or do something bad because they did something to you. The point is that revenge, whether morally right or wrong, can be

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