Examples Of Scapegoat For The Nazis

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Why were the jews the scapegoat for the nazis?First The nazis lied about what they were doing to the jews in the camps. The nazis used the jews as a scapegoat because they lost the first world war. The nazis mistreated the jews. The nazis had many ways to eliminate the jews

The Nazis mistreated the Jews in the concentration camps.The jews were beaten and given small rations of bread and soup. They lived in barracks with dirt floors with multiple people sleeping in the same area. The death marches were another form of mistreatment. Death marches torchered the jews because they had to march to their death. The Nazis made them march to another camp if the jews stopped the would be shot or trampled.“the prisoners were too weak to digest there food and died because they ate too much.” after the camp was liberated the jews would try to eat too much food and the couldn’t digest all of it and died. The Nazis starved the jews. This is proof that the jews were mistreated in the concentration camps. …show more content…

They created films that showed the “jews” were smiling and enjoying there time at these camps. The camped was design to show recreation areas. The nazis tried to hide the camps from the public. They would be chosen in far away places outside of wondering eyes.“These sites were chosen because they were all situated near railway lines, in quiet rural areas of “far away” Poland, outside the spotlight of German and international public opinions.” Camps were on the outside of towns in poland and germany. The Nazis knew what they were going to do in those camps that's why the nazis put them on the outside of towns. “Propagandists preached an appealing message of national unity and a utopian future that resonated with millions of Germans.” The Nazis tried to make it look like a utopia and working together. The Nazis used propaganda to the

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