Exemplification Essay: The Death Of Susie Salmon

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A fourteen year old girl, Susie Salmon was presumed dead in Noristown Pennsylvania on December 6, 1973. Police have been looking for her for a while. Police Detective Len Fenerman gave us an insider on the investigation, stating “ Gilbert’s dog found an elbow in the cornfield.” Susie was last seen leaving the school, Fenerman and the others working on this investigation have found a school book, her hat, and a love note in the cornfield. Jack and Abigail Salmon are grieving their daughter, praying that it isn’t her elbow that was found. Jack Salmon gave a description matching the exact description of the elbow found. Jack and Abigail have two other children a thirteen year old girl Lindsey, and a four year old boy named Buckley. “ Missing, foul play suspected; elbow found by neighboring dog: girl, 14, believed killed in Stolfuz Cornfield: warnings to other young women: township to rezone adjoining lots to High School: Lindsey Salmon, sister of dead girl, gives valedictorian speech.” Susie’s hat was found with her DNA on it, showing that is was used to keep her from screaming.The love note was found is still in processing for any clues, leading to who might be linked to her absence.
A memorial service will be scheduled a month from today
The Salmon’s appreciate everyone’s help with looking for
Susie. Len
Fernamen has …show more content…

Anyone with any information is to go to the station and ask for Len Fernamen as soon as they know anything.
Susie had light skin, with blue eyes
The investigation has been opened up and expanded the search areas
The funeral will be a closed casket since the police haven’t found the body yet, just an elbow from a field.Linsey is a valedictorian and Jack has turned into a crazy person, claiming that George Harvey is Susie’s killer. We sat down with George Harvey and asked him about Susie, he says “ I have never talked to Susie, I really regret that she seemed like a nice

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