Explain The Ethical Dilemma Resolution Framework To This Case

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2. Apply the Ethical Dilemma Resolution Framework to this case
2.1. The fact and the ethical issues involved
- I am a practitioner, providing a range of accountancy services.
- I am also a continuity provider for another practitioner to tender services to company B
- Company B is the competitor of company A, my previous clients, and they are tending to acquire the same business

Ethical issues:
- Company B is aware that there is another bidder but he does not know who it is or it is my previous client. I should be a person of integrity, informing that to company B. Also, company A is no longer my client, and it is not necessary for me to be loyal with company A. Instead, I should be honest, straightforward, and loyal with company
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The party with the most important rights.
a. Deontology
I have the most important rights because I am required to perform the principles of integrity and confidentiality, and professional codes of ethics to benefits my current clients and not to do harm to my previous client.
b. Utilitarianism
Company B has the most important rights because it should recruit a practitioner who provides the services professionally, having high competence, and being free from any conflicts of interests with it potential competitors so that that practitioner can gather as much as information without the violation of confidentiality principle.
c. Virtue
I have the most important rights because I can tell company the company B that another bidder is one of my previous and current clients, and determine not to reveal any confidential information of any clients because of the principle of confidentiality. Therefore, I can keep serving company B without hurting company A.

2.4. Capable laws, standards or professional code of conduct rules
- Codes of conducts of the company A and company

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