Explain The Importance Of Effective Communication When Working With Children And Adults

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Effective communication is vital in building an open and positive relationship with children, young adults and adults. To be able to build a positive relationship it needs to be built on trust and honesty resulting in a nurturing and calm environment. Being able to demonstrate and use positive language and behaviour. To communicate appropriately to whomever you are speaking to and adapting your tone, body language to the age of the child or adult, and supporting the needs of a child/young adult, ensuring there are good lines of communication which are clear and precise when working with adults.
We communicate for a number of different reasons and circumstances, to give or receive information, discuss and negotiate, express any concerns and ideas. Communication and sharing ideas during class planning ensuring you are able to communicate clearly and effectively, making sure you are understood and …show more content…

Working with children at Nursery age it is imperative you are open and friendly providing a secure and safe environment at this young age you are starting and laying the foundations to their learning. Having and building a good rapport with the children helps them to feel secure and happy it will encourage learning, communication and social development.
Parents are an important part in their childrenâ€TMs development and within the Nursery setting, open and clear communication including them in their childâ€TMs development, always communicating how their child is doing being able to raise any concerns ensuring the parents feel comfortable will help with any barriers that there may have been initially. If their child is happy they are

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