Exploratory Rhetorical Analysis Of Too Much Facebook

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Throughout Too much Facebook, An exploratory explanation of social media fatigue I saw that the organization of the article had a negative effect on their paper because it confuses the reader. It makes the research paper notes as strong nor interesting.One example is when they say the definition of what is social media fatigue in the first paragraph. Later on paragraph 1.2 it defines it again. This makes this article redundant with what it 's trying to say. In their articles the use of statistics was something that was good. When people see numbers it’s a good way to get the people 's attention. People react faster to numbers then when you try to explain it to them.
A rhetorical strategy the authors of this paper used were ethos. Throughout their paper they said that if they stay online for a long time they 're going to back away from it. This is something obvious. People are going to get bored from using a lot of social media. Throughout their paper they also tried logos. They used quotes from other people to back up what they were saying. For example they used the quote “the degree to which a person believes that using a particular system would be free of effort.” This quote was from Davis (1989) but we don 't’ know if this person is credible or not.In their paper they also used Ethos by having an …show more content…

In their article the authors put important information that was interesting but they didn’t go in debt over those part. For example psychologists have linked text messaging with depression and anxiety among college students. This was something they say that was interesting to me but they didn’t explain how these two things are linked. Another thing that the authors are lacking in are that they didn’t have a theses they started to write about how Facebook was the biggest social media site people visited. They should 've write a thesis because it explains to the reader what their going to talk about and since they didn’t do that I started to get confused from the

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