External Involvement In The Civil War

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The American Civil war was a gruesome and terrible war fought in the United States of America. When the war first started many believed it would be a small conflict that would not last very long. Little did they know many contributing factors extended the length of the war. One of these factors is external involvement and influence in the war. The reasons behind external influences and involvement in the American Civil war directly and indirectly attributed to the outcome and length of the conflict. External tampering would have ultimately increased the death count, the extent of the war, and future diplomacy with the United States.
Early on during the war, President Abraham Lincoln made it clear to the world that any aid or alliance with
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In the midst of the war, over 179,000 African American soldiers served in the Union’s branches such as the navy, army, and support (Freeman and Jean). Many served as they believed this was a way to repay the Union in setting them free and possibly in the future could grant citizenship to them. Before the enlistment of African American soldiers, many laws prohibited the enlistment of African Americans (Freeman and Elise). This is surprising as many African American soldiers served in previous wars such as the American Revolution. Soon after President Lincoln gave his speech on the Emancipation Proclamation, he allowed many slaves to enlist in the Union military (Freeman and Elise). Many recruitment posters appeared throughout the Union offering African Americans income, protection, and freedom if they enlist (To Colored Men!). On the other hand, the Confederacy had many generals accompanied by slaves used as servants and attendees to their needs (African Americans in the civil war). None were actual soldiers. Near the end of the war in 1865, the Confederacy had passed a law in which offered African Americans to be freed if they enlisted in the army (African Americans in the civil war). By the time this occurred, less than 50 African Americans enlisted in the Confederate army as the war came to an abrupt…show more content…
It is clear that external influence, directly and indirectly, changed the outcome of the war. If the British had not supplied and traded with the Confederacy, the war could have ended sooner. If other countries such as France, Spain, or Russia joined the fight for ether sides, the war could have been extended for years and more blood would be spilled. If the slaves or Native Americans had not taken sides, the Union could have lost and the Confederacy would have gained independence. External influence in every war known throughout history has changed the balance between sides. A war is never a war unless muddy hands are dipped in the
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