Fahrenheit 451: How Technology Can Create Social Isolation

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Technology Helps Creates Social Isolation Peter D. Kraft Evans high school Technology Helps Create Social Isolation The effects that technology have on our society in which it can cause social isolation was observed in this paper. The book, Fahrenheit 451, relates to the point on how their society ended up due to their obsession with technology. Also, research found that people who use technology are proven to spend less time with other tasks like spending time with their family or even going to sleep. In contrast, an article argues that things such as social media and the internet help increase social interaction in real life because it can help us connect as one. Technology has always had an important role in our generation. It helps us with pretty much all of our daily tasks we do such as help with school or work, reminding us to take out the trash or do the dishes, or even waking up at 5 in the morning. Although, has technology come to the point where it hurts us more than it does good in our society in which it causes us to be less social? According to a commanding officer named Omar …show more content…

Even main characters such as Mildred, who had a major addiction to technology , wouldn't let go of some things like her parlor people. Even the book people, who were supposed to be the ones who save society would hide away from their community and watch television (Bradbury 1953). Ray Bradbury tries to show us through these characters that our society will end up like them. Not necessarily hiding in the woods to be away from everyone, but maybe staying in your bedroom to completely binge watch "The Flash" or playing video games all day long is what he is trying to warn us about and how we are becoming more and more similar to the country he envisioned around 50 years

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