Fahrenheit 451 Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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The book Fahrenheit 451 was turned into a movie which included many similarities and differences from the book. The biggest difference was Clarisse in general because she was a teacher instead of a student, she never died when it was said she did, and her overall character was a little off due to these simple changes. There was also no war in the movie, which made it so that there was no bombing at the end so the city wasn’t destroyed. Faber also wasn’t in the movie, although he was a major character in the book because of his influence over Montag. While there were many differences there were also similarities, but they were mostly small details. The general plot was of course the same, but there was also how Montag’s opinion of the society changed over the course of the movie. Clarisse’s character was majorly changed throughout the movie compared to the book. This was because she never died in the movie when “"No. The same girl. McClellan. McClellan, Run over by a car. Four days ago. I'm not sure. But I think she's dead. The family moved out anyway. I don't know. But I think she's dead."” proves that she died or that she at least never came back in the movie because Mildred is stating how she’s heard that she is dead. Clarisse was also portrayed as a student in the book while she was a teacher in the movie. “He felt at ease and comfortable. "Why aren't you in school? I see you every day wandering around." "Oh, they don't miss me," she said.” proves that she…show more content…
Like Clarisse’s house was searched, this caused her not to die in a car accident and that sent off another chain reaction. Montag also taught a class at the firehouse and was up for a promotion which didn't impact the plot too much, but it gave Montag a more important role in the firehouse. Overall, the differences between the movie and the book definitely outweighed that of the
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