Family Addiction Essay

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Addiction is a Family disease
Anyone can become addicted to just about anything these days internet, shopping, food, sex or even gambling. But, what about drugs? Results from the 2016 National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported that “Americans ranging from ages 12 or older equaled 20.1 million who experienced opiate use disorder alone and about 15.1 million suffered alcohol addiction” (SAMHSA, 2016). If this is true then what’s happening to families in America, are they falling apart, coming together or are they simple riding out the epidemic. One researcher conducted a survey in America regarding family member or close friend who's been addicted to drugs. He surveyed 31 families total which included White, Black and Hispanic …show more content…

The chemically dependent individual usual end up breaking the law in some ways that consist of (stealing, robbery, theft, shoplifting, assault and even attempted murder) and end up in jail. For the family members, this is another issue because they are usually called for support or to post bail if they are called at all. One group of researchers sought to find out if the data collected from prisoners and their family members can prove the use of illicit substances while in prison. Files were collected from a Switzerland prison system with information reported by “prison doctors, therapist, family members, health professionals, treatment professionals and drug test”. Both younger prisoners ages 20-49 and older prisoners ages 50-75 years old were examined. The results were that of the 190 men of each age group 50% of the younger men reported using drugs in prison, family members were manipulated, guards were bribed and negotiated. Only 24% of the 190 older men reported using in prison, but had no family members to aid them (Annaheim, Wangmo, Bretschneider, Vogel, & Elger, 2018). This article presented solid evidence of criminal behaviors while in prison and it supported facts about the pressure on families and friends once the chemically dependent individual commits the crime and is

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