Short Story Of Farah Ahmedi

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What drives people to undertake a mission? Most of the time, people have some type of experience in their life that marked them in some way, so they want to make good decisions when it comes to protecting their families and friends ,mostly everyone wants to keep the people they care about safe, like Farah Ahmedi that lost her brothers and father ,and to keep herself and her mother safe, she had to reach freedom, or like Bilbo Baggins ,he took the choice of going on an unexpected journey for his friends, and Walt Masters ,he was able to risk his life so he didn't disappoint his dad. All these characters were doing the right thing to don't let their families or friends down.
FARAH AHMEDI The story about Ahmedi is one of the most outstanding because the situation she is living best answers the question of what drives a person to undertake a mission, why? because she was just a little girl when she lost her father and brothers, she also lost her leg ,that was something really rough to go through ,so she had to act more mature since that day to keep herself and her mother safe, also many of the decisions she took were very risky ,like when she trusted a stranger ,or when she climbed a mountain without help ,even though she had a prosthetic leg that limited all she could do, in these examples she showed

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