The Consequences Of Obesity

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Body What is obvious is that obesity should be blamed on an individual because an individual is responsible for what he/she consume and for how much physical activities he/she is into. Because people are responsible for what they eat, saying that fast food restaurants cause obesity is very erroneous thing to say. Since dieting is available to everyone and is accessible all the times, many precautions can be done in order to avoid weight gain. For example taking and the stairs instead of an elevator and walking every day can help out tremendously. People who are obese might try to blame anyone for their weight especially fast food restaurants, but there is no one to blame other than themselves. Having a well-balanced healthy…show more content…
These trends are detectable in adults as well as in children as young as 5 years." Obesity has many negative consequences. It is the leading cause for type 2 diabetes. In fact, 90% of people with type 2 diabetes seem to be overweight or obese (Your Weight and Diabetes, 2015) . Type 2 diabetes usually happens in adults, but now it’s a disease that is affecting children as well. Other than diabetes, obesity increases the risk of having different types of cancer such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer in both men and women. Other diseases include high blood pressure, heart diseases, and joint…show more content…
When calories that are consumed are much more than what the body needs, the person starts to gain weight. Since fast food restaurant meals pack a lot of calories, people directly link fast food meals to obesity. Since an average burger from a given fast food restaurant can have anywhere between 700-1000 calories, which is around 40-50% of our daily need (Calories in burgers, n.d.). Around 20 years ago, People usually bought these burgers because of their convenient availability, cheap prices, and their great taste. Despite those benefits, people always forgot the massive amounts of calories in fast food meals. In those 20 years, there was a gradual increase in the number of people that are obese. To be exact, by 2012 around 35% of adults are obese as said by the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention. But in these times, fast food restaurants are no longer responsible for obesity. Today, more and more restaurants are trying their best to change their menus in order to provide us with healthy meals. Restaurants are reducing portion sizes, removing fattening sauces (mayonnaise and ketchup), and removing fried options. Subway for example, has salads and fruits instead of French fries as side dishes. Many restaurants started to offer many smaller portion options for kids. A good example for this is Burger King’s kid’s meal which includes a small but

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