Fdr's Flaws In The 18th Century

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1791 was the year everything changed in the American government. The Bill of Rights was an important addition to the Constitution and was the very reason for its ratification. It clearly states the rights that American citizens have and it is the duty of the government to enforce these rights. However, even with the Bill of Rights, more amendments have been needed over the course of our history. The Constitution has changed with the times. It is widely known that the 22nd amendment was implemented to limit the power of the executive branch to a two-term presidency, but this essay argues that it was passed largely due to biases in Congress at that time. During his 12-year stint as president, Franklin D. Roosevelt passed an unparalleled amount …show more content…

Even from the beginning, FDR was involved in his country and wasted no time. In his first 100 days in office, right after his inauguration, he passes 12 pieces of legislation that are known as the First New Deal. He tried to stop the Depression and the stock market crash by passing the Emergency Banking Act, which let the Treasury Department to reopen the banks that had closed when they proved they were healthy again. This was his first success, as the banking system was functioning again within eight days. He then goes on to pass the Tennessee Valley Authority Act, which allowed the government to build dams in Tennessee to control flooding and provide low-cost power to the surrounding cities. The Agriculture Adjustment Act was passed and called for the federal government to pay farmers not to grow food so food prices would increase and hopefully decrease the Depression. Next, he creates the Federal Emergency Relief Administration, a welfare program headed by Harry Hopkins that gave money to the states to find welfare programs. He also made the Civilian Conservation Corps, a public works

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