Feminism Vs Feminism

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I am a teenage boy living in the United States. I am Caucasian. I will someday grow up to be a middle-aged white man, and I dread that day. Fox News recently aired a story on 'anti-Trump ' rallies, or more accurately, 'Women 's Marches '. These marches are meant to empower young women and break sexually-biased chains that are placed upon them. The protesters say our country, nay, our world has done them a dishonor. They throw around terms such as sexism and patriarchy, all of which come with a load of negative connotations and prejudices. This movement has been dubbed 'feminism ', something seen as a radical new way of thinking in our society. They want to "break gender roles and stereotypes, secure women 's rights, and move the country forward" (A Lady 's Luxury), but how far can we go before we fall off the edge? Feminism has been said to not be radical; "it just challenges the social norm." Anything that goes directly against what is considered to be the social norm is radical, and feminism likes to show itself as a blatant opposition to the way our country functions today. This movement "fights for natural born rights to be expanded to everyone." Natural born rights include life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness according to the Declaration of Independence. Unless our country 's founding fathers were a bunch of bigots, I believe these are the natural born rights referred to. These are bestowed upon everyone equally and the government is not actively persecuting

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