Filipino Values In The Philippines

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The Philippines, beautiful 7,107 islands surrounded by numerous breathe-taking beaches, sceneries, and landscapes along with the most interesting people on earth. The Philippines truly is the pearl of the orient. But what makes Philippines stand out from the rest of the world? We, the Filipinos. Filipinos may have been the most resilient people in the world. We endured countless foreign colonization and yet, we still believe in the Filipino Spirit. But what makes Filipinos a Filipino? To better understand Filipinos, we must analyze our values and traits. Through this, we will have a bigger picture of who we really are. Filipinos, like any other races, value money so when taken away, it becomes one or most probably, our biggest stressor. Having only $289 or Php 13,249 Average Monthly Income per household, having a decent life in the Philippines is not that easy. /). The result of which is that almost all his/her money/salary were spent for daily needs and expenses which seem to be endless. This is why Filipinos are very frugal. We learn to maximize everything. The Philippines is archipelagic in nature so natural disasters like typhoons are very rampant. But no matter what disaster nature brings to Filipinos, we manage to see the light in darkness. We smile amidst all misfortunes. It becomes a part of our coping strategies. We learn to play with the problems of life. We make irony out of our bitter fate. ( Lantin, N. Who is the Filipino?
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